Weehawken Panorama

The clouds that float above the capital of the world have the tendency to be pretty intense. I am absolutely in love with them... a lot of people come here and look up at the large buildings, but I have learned that the space around the buildings are in fact an ever-changing work of art in itself.

Christmas 2013 - Queens, NY


The sunset on Christmas was like fire in the sky. It was so captivating! Everyone was taking photos, so I patiently waited my turn, and then I climbed onto my friend's fire escape in the freezing cold and took a panoramic photo on my phone. It was such a great holiday this year, despite all the stress that comes with the season. I had an amazing one, and this flaming sky enveloping the NYC skyline was just the cherry on top of the cake.

December morning in NYC

This photograph is one of my favorites. I took this early in the morning in December 2013 when the visibility was incredibly low. It was around the time that the city was experiencing an Indian Summer break between deep freezing temperatures. We are used to freezing temps here in the winter, but they don't usually hit us until around January and February. This year it hit us early, but fluctuated in a very extreme way. Mother Nature loves to keep us on our toes. The best thing we can do is make the most of it, and I tried to do that here, visually. 😉


I run around NYC daily, and I like to document it through photography. I haven't shared on my blog in a while, but I'm hoping people will find my shots enjoyable.   When I hear the traffic into the city is very bad, I make a precautionary decision to take the ferry. It's safer during bad weather, and I don't have to sit through traffic and risk being late for work. This was one gorgeous morning on the NY Waterway riding down the Hudson river. You can see the city behind a silhouette of a man reading his morning paper. The Empire State Building sits behind his head to the right, and the buildings with large antennas on the left of him are part of Times SQ.   NYC has some of the best clouds around.